I was born in Bayonne in the Atlantic Pyrenees and spent my childhood
in Pomarez, a small village of Chalosse, in the Landes. I graduated from
a masters degree in animation cinema in 2014. After having directed two
animated short films, “Piok” and “Walter the gathering”. The first one
was quickly spotted by Disney Animation and bought to be broadcast on
their channel. My second short was also very well received in festivals and
allowed me to work in prestigious studios, on commercials, films, etc. in
I am now specialized in concept art, visual development and
art direction. After having designed the cartoon network series “Grizzy
and the Lemmings” in 2015, widely broadcast in the United States, I was
contacted by Netflix and LAIKA studios and moved to the United States to
work on American productions.
In 2020, I am on my fourth animated film as a designer,
and after my time at Spa Studio on the Netflix production Klaus, the desire
to develop new projects came back. So I settled on my family land in the
Landes, in the countryside in order to work remotely and develop « La Grange Animation », a rural coworking space dedicated to animated projects, in a pleasant and relaxing environment.
From 2020 and until now, I work directly with major studios such as Netflix , Blur… to develop different animation projects.

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